DreamLeague Season 11 Major

Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major LAN event (Season 2018-2019)

Total buybacks: 566

GPM 4534910465 1,094.00Infamous.Timado alchemist Alchemist
XPM 4534808250 943.00KG.old chicken troll_warlord Troll Warlord
Kills 4530320749 20.00FWD.YawaR shredder Timbersaw
Deaths 4533871683 16.00VP.Solo bane Bane
Assists 4530650757 37.00VP.Solo furion Nature's Prophet
KDA with 0 deaths 4535493681 30.00Fnatic.Abed puck Puck
KDA with 1+ deaths 4531118455 33.00NiP.Ace phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin
Gold Earned 4530331319 57,696.00Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Last hits 4530331319 851.00Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Damage to heroes 4533864934 64,366.00PSG.LGD.Xm gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Damage to buildings 4530331319 23,612.00Fnatic.MP lone_druid Lone Druid
Hero healing 4530304777 18,761.00VG.Ori necrolyte Necrophos
Damage taken from heroes 4535629696 52,649.00NiP.33 chaos_knight Chaos Knight
Efficiency on lane 4543372361 1.10CHAOS.hFn k3 ursa Ursa
Observer wards placed 4530331319 29.00Fnatic.JAbz oracle Oracle
Sentries placed 4554867853 60.00EG.Fly witch_doctor Witch Doctor
Teamfight participation 4535009122 2.00CHAOS.Mr. Kingão oracle Oracle
Obs Wards destroyed 4562402022 13.00PSG.LGD.xNova grimstroke Grimstroke
Map pings 4530331319 503.00Fnatic.iceiceice viper Viper
Stuns 4530331319 250.85Fnatic.Abed invoker Invoker
Couriers killed by a player 4571162988 2.00VP.RAMZeS666 antimage Anti-Mage
Couriers killed in match 4571162988 3.00
Roshan kills in match 4554867853 4.00
Networth stomp by a team 4531294928 37,605.00
Networth comeback by a team 4543931757 15,560.00
Longest match 4530331319 1:12:28
Shortest match 4535499804 17:28
Bloodbath 4530331319 79.00
Player with Widest Hero Pool 16.00VP.RAMZeS666
Player with Smallest Hero Pool 4.00Liquid.MATUMBAMAN
Team with Widest Hero Pool 55.00Virtus.pro (VP)
Team with Smallest Hero Pool 22.00Natus Vincere (Na`Vi)
This section contains data about highest or lowest values across all matches.