Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.20

Hero Stats for matches of Immortal rank players

Median hero xpm: 420

This is automatically generated report for custom league Immortal Rank Meta Trends - 7.20 — Hero Stats for matches of Immortal rank players.
There were 2685 matches played. 6763 players participated in this event.
2287 matches were played in All Draft gamemode. 1154 matches were played on Europe West servers.
First match was played on 06:10:20 19 Nov 2018.
Last match was played on 02:12:07 21 Nov 2018.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league6763
Heroes contested116
Heroes picked116
Heroes banned116
Median hero picks171
Median hero bans40
Median hero gpm310
Median hero xpm420
Median match duration38:13
Radiant winrate54.4879
Dire winrate45.5121
Total creeps murdered3615066
Total observer wards planted71923
Total observer wards destroyed17127
Total couriers killed1267
Total roshans killed2986
Total buybacks10844
Average match duration31:03
Notable Participants
Player with Widest Hero PoolPID 9443976718
Player with Smallest Hero PoolPID 770159011
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
lone_druidLone Druid43116.05%95.6933756.08%9458.51%
elder_titanElder Titan1927.15%93.9716459.15%2860.71%
sand_kingSand King26910.02%93.1022956.33%4070.00%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
dazzle Dazzle1358113055.04%
slark Slark1320101157.37%
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter100181550.92%
luna Luna89972757.08%
monkey_king Monkey King87972442.82%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
slark Slark 1320 309 54.69%
dazzle Dazzle 1358 228 53.51%
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter 1001 186 50.00%
luna Luna 899 172 54.65%
brewmaster Brewmaster 789 167 53.29%

Heroes uncontested: 1

Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
dazzle Dazzle 483 54.66%
bounty_hunter Bounty Hunter 432 54.40%
slark Slark 275 55.64%
lich Lich 251 47.01%
grimstroke Grimstroke 196 52.04%
Stage 3 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
monkey_king Monkey King 582 42.96%
slark Slark 564 59.22%
luna Luna 412 57.52%
faceless_void Faceless Void 362 51.66%
dazzle Dazzle 356 51.40%
Favorite pairs (Deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
lunaLunashadow_demonShadow Demon7856.41%50.90427.09634.74%60.26%
phantom_assassinPhantom AssassindazzleDazzle10747.66%84.80322.19720.75%48.60%
troll_warlordTroll WarlordmagnataurMagnus4247.62%20.38121.61951.47%4.76%
lunaLunaogre_magiOgre Magi11254.46%94.63217.36815.51%52.68%
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Lower limiter: 13
Graph limiter: 52
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