MDL Macau 2019

Major Dota 2 tournament from Mars Dota 2 League

Radiant winrate: 62.1212

This is automatically generated report for MDL Macau 2019 (10560) — Major Dota 2 tournament from Mars Dota 2 League.
There were 66 matches played. 13 teams participated in this event.
53 matches were played on 7.21 patch. 60 matches were played in Captains Mode gamemode. All matches were played on China servers.
First match was played on 05:00:06 3 Jan 2019.
Last match was played on 12:10:48 24 Feb 2019.
Team Liquid won the last match.

Matches per day

Random stats
Players in league67
Teams on event13
Heroes contested100
Heroes picked98
Heroes banned81
Median hero picks6
Median hero bans6
Median hero gpm420
Median hero xpm487
Median match duration33:53
Radiant winrate62.1212
Dire winrate37.8788
Total creeps murdered125929
Total observer wards planted2222
Total observer wards destroyed650
Total couriers killed26
Total roshans killed123
Total buybacks377
Average match duration36:21
Notable Participants

Last match winner

Matches: 15
Winrate: 80%
GPM: 2,303
XPM: 2,524
K/D/A: 27/21/62
Active roster:
Liquid.MinD_ContRoL (Core Offlane)
Liquid.MATUMBAMAN (Core Midlane)
Liquid.KuroKy (Support)
Liquid.Gh (Support)
Liquid.Miracle- (Core Offlane)
Favorite heroes:
monkey_king Monkey King: 5 - 80.00%
elder_titan Elder Titan: 5 - 80.00%
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin: 5 - 100.00%
lone_druid Lone Druid: 4 - 50.00%
Favorite pairs:
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin + chen Chen: 4 - 100.00%
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light + monkey_king Monkey King: 3 - 100.00%
lich Lich + magnataur Magnus: 2 - 100.00%
Most matches playedEvil Geniuses (EG)19
Highest winrateTeam Liquid (Liquid)80.00%
Team with Widest Hero (VP)48
Team with Smallest Hero PoolKEEN GAMING (KG)9
Player with Widest Hero PoolVP.No[o]ne-14
Player with Smallest Hero PoolEHOME.ASD1
Hero DiversityVP.No[o]ne-82.35%
Team NameMtchsWinrateKillsDeathsAssistsXPMGPMHero PoolDuration
Evil Geniuses (EG)1947.37%23.0522.0550.162,2522,08836.0033:25
Newbee (Newbee)1952.63%25.4722.7959.682,5252,27246.0038:55 (VP)1747.06%21.7627.1848.532,4552,18548.0037:39
Team Liquid (Liquid)1580.00%27.3321.2061.732,5242,30335.0034:31
Royal Never Give Up (RNG)1553.33%20.7322.8052.202,4082,11146.0034:52
Vici Gaming (VG)1346.15%27.6929.0062.462,5002,21433.0037:51
INVICTUS GAMING (IG)1258.33%22.9219.1753.922,4092,24234.0037:49
EHOME (EHOME)825.00%25.5034.2553.882,5202,26731.0044:01
Room310 (Room310)450.00%21.5021.2554.002,2161,97812.0032:19
Team Root (TR)333.33%19.6725.0043.672,3222,13413.0039:37
KEEN GAMING (KG)20.00%16.5026.0034.001,8211,7689.0028:18
iG.Vitality (iG.V)20.00%16.0024.0033.002,0281,90610.0030:37
FGB (FGB)20.00%6.5019.0015.501,3811,39310.0022:53
HeroMatchesContest RateRankPickedWinrateBannedWinrate
elder_titanElder Titan5989.39%98.002560.00%3455.88%
dark_willowDark Willow1421.21%97.00683.33%875.00%
earth_spiritEarth Spirit2740.91%96.001866.67%955.56%
troll_warlordTroll Warlord3451.52%94.001266.67%2254.55%
furionNature's Prophet3248.48%91.001573.33%1729.41%
Most picked heroes
Hero Mtchs Picked WR
elder_titan Elder Titan592560.00%
shadow_shaman Shadow Shaman272138.10%
phantom_assassin Phantom Assassin301942.11%
earth_spirit Earth Spirit271866.67%
ursa Ursa301764.71%
Most banned heroes
Hero Mtchs Banned WR
life_stealer Lifestealer 52 38 52.63%
elder_titan Elder Titan 59 34 55.88%
chen Chen 47 31 41.94%
obsidian_destroyer Outworld Devourer 39 28 46.43%
kunkka Kunkka 37 26 61.54%

Heroes uncontested: 17

skeleton_kingWraith King
ancient_apparitionAncient Apparition
ogre_magiOgre Magi
naga_sirenNaga Siren
legion_commanderLegion Commander
Stage 1 of Picks
Hero Matches WR
elder_titan Elder Titan 21 61.90%
chen Chen 14 35.71%
keeper_of_the_light Keeper of the Light 13 53.85%
sven Sven 13 30.77%
furion Nature's Prophet 13 69.23%
Stage 1 of Bans
Hero Matches WR
life_stealer Lifestealer 36 52.78%
elder_titan Elder Titan 31 51.61%
chen Chen 30 40.00%
chaos_knight Chaos Knight 20 65.00%
furion Nature's Prophet 17 29.41%
Favorite pairs (deviation)
Hero 1Hero 2MatchesWinrateExpected matchesDeviationPercentageSame lane rate
phantom_assassinPhantom AssassinchenChen955.56%2.3036.69774.41%44.44%
furionNature's Prophetearth_spiritEarth Spirit683.33%2.0453.95565.91%0.00%
furionNature's ProphetspectreSpectre475.00%0.4553.54588.64%50.00%
puckPucktroll_warlordTroll Warlord450.00%0.7273.27381.82%0.00%
Notable matches

Last match

Duration: 28:52
Region: China
Game mode: Captains Mode
Finished: 12:10:48 24 Feb 2019

Match with biggest stomp

Duration: 31:29
Region: China
Game mode: Captains Mode
Finished: 10:51:41 21 Feb 2019

Match with biggest comeback

Duration: 58:19
Region: China
Game mode: Captains Mode
Finished: 09:57:46 22 Feb 2019

Longest match

Duration: 1:05:49
Region: China
Game mode: Captains Mode
Finished: 04:20:57 21 Feb 2019

Shortest match

Duration: 20:04
Region: China
Game mode: Captains Mode
Finished: 10:23:20 24 Feb 2019
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