Spectral Alliance

- What is Spectral Alliance?

We are small community specialized on developing small Dota projects, data analysis and generating Dota related stats.

We are gathering all the insteresting information for those who wnat to improve, translate articles to russian and publish news, in-depth analysis and other insteresting content to our VK and Telegram blogs.

We are working with e-sports teams and big VK community TheCyberSport to make better content every day. Our average daily concurrent website viewers count is around 1k and our Nerds Hero Builds project's builds have over 600k subsribers.

Currently our website is under reconstruction to make it easier to access our materials and blogs. You can join the Spectral Alliance on Discord, where all the fun happens (click on widget to the left) or contact us via e-mail: spectral (at) ileamare.ru.

- Why should I join?

Well, in both cases: why not?

You can help us grow as community, develop cool stuff, update hero builds or find cool content. It's always great to have more ideas from outside.